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Garage doors are a long-term investment. Follow these interesting design and style ideas while remodeling or building your home. Get excellent ideas from these tips! You will find them helpful when you encounter garage door issues or need some extra help with maintenance.

  • Maintaining garage doors

    Securely fasten the rollers and the brackets and tighten loose screws on all parts. Check the springs and make sure they are not worn out. Apply sufficient lubrication on all parts that need it and make sure you apply it properly. Make sure to consider weather conditions when performing your maintenance routine, especially if the season is about to change.

  • Keep garage doors well lubricated

    When garage door parts are well-lubricated, the movement is smoother and hardly noisy. Parts move better without rubbing on each other and, thus, no damage is done and they last longer. Fasteners and all other metallic parts do not corrode easily and are more effective in their work. Though, you must not overdo it with lubrication maintenance.

  • Learn the Value of your Automatic Garage Door

    Get an appraisal on how much your automatic garage door is worth and how much its value will depreciate over time in order to best understand the resale value of your home. Our experts agree this is the best way to invest.

  • Replace Springs as a Pair

    Torsion springs usually have a life expectancy of 100,000 cycles on average. These springs are under tremendous tension when the door is in operation, which can cause steel fatigue over time. When one spring needs replacement, Garage Door Repair Brooklyn recommends replacing both springs. Since both the springs have been subjected to the same strain, it is likely that the second spring will soon need replacement.

  • How to Make Your System Even More Secure

    Generally an automatic garage door will be more secure than a conventional door as it has no external bolts or fixings which can be forced. You can boost the security by choosing a heavier door which can withstand a more severe impact and present a larger challenge to any potential intruders. You should also ensure that your security access code is not disclosed to anyone and keep remote controls safe and secure.

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