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Find answers to the most frequently asked questions on garage door servicing and preventative maintenance.

  • How can I maintain my opener?

    Just like your automated garage door, your opener can also benefit from simple home maintenance tasks. It’s very important to lubricate the mechanism of your opener at least twice a year and to have it serviced by a professional at least once a year. You should also visually inspect it every month to make sure there are no visible signs of disrepair. If it is faulty, contact a technician immediately.

  • Should I get wireless keypads?

    The truth is that modern garage door remote controls work with rolling code technologies which make them completely safe. The new age wireless garage door keypads are better in the sense that you won't have to carry remotes and be afraid if you lose them. You just have to remember a code and program as many codes as you want which can be changed easily.

  • What is the importance of insulation in garage doors?

    Insulation is significant in garage doors for various and obvious reasons. The opening of the garage door has a huge impact in opening the thermal barrier of the house. Having an insulated garage door minimizes the amount of external temperatures entering the garage and this will reduce the amount of energy needed in cooling or heating your home. Insulated garage doors also reduce the external noises and the insulation used in the door can add more strength to it while minimizing exterior noise.

  • Are there green garage doors?

    People have become environmentalists and our specialists inform us that manufacturers started producing various green products. There are green garage doors on the market and in fact many of them are made of recycled materials by 100%. Though, most of them are partially green. At the same time, you can get insulated doors because saving energy is also one way to contribute to the protection of the environment.

  • Are there options for selecting a garage door opener?

    Definitely yes. There are available side mount openers, which are very useful in regularly drawing bar openers, as well as low track systems in order for you to have an opener that can properly lift the garage door for you. Our experts generally recommended checking on your garage door and its components first in order to familiarize their functionalities.

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